What Clients Say About their
BluDiamond Event Experiences

(And the Results that Are Possible for You, Too!)

Events, take a lot of detailed work, whether you choose to do live, virtual or a hybrid event. Events are the #1 best option for achieving a 6-figure weekend!

BluDiamond has helped these clients (and so many more!) achieve amazing results.

These clients were willing to put in the effort to achieve their success. The testimonials are not meant to be interpreted as a guarantee, but to show you what is possible and proven through our strategies and support.

You Want Linda on Your Team - We Had the Highest Conversions EVER!
There are many layers to events and Linda's strategic experience, thoughtful, intentional capacity to serve her clients and the people she attracts is the REASON you want her on your team! We had the highest conversions in renewals, ever!  I won't use anyone else!

Michelle Kopper
CEO & Founder, The Inspired Voice
Smoother Than I Could Ever Imagine - They Took So Much Off Our Shoulders!
I’ve done live events for many years and already knew that it took a very special event planner to run a multi-speaker multi-day event for 300 people. There are many event planners out there, but this was a sales event and had many particular details that only an experienced and organized planner to pull it off. 

This was the first time my business partner and I did an event together, and I was a little worried how it might go. I usually get really stressed out during my events because there’s so much on my shoulders. 

Linda and her team were absolutely phenomenal! They took care of all the back-end during the event, so my partner and I could focus on the audience and the sales. She stayed calm in every situation that came up, and our first joint event went smoother than I could ever imagine. 

I will never do another live event without Blu Diamond Event Management!

Milana Leshinsky & Rich German
The JV Experience and JV Insider Circle
They answered on the first ring and had us at hello. Linda's phenomenal at strategy and audience engagement. She helped us redesign our VIP experience which brought in over $1M in sales at our 3 day virtual event!
Alex Jeffreys
CEO & Founder, Clients in Abundance
Events by BluDiamond were an absolute find for us! From attendee registration, stage management, sponsor marketing, to back of room sales, every aspect of our event was profitable and all we had to do was show up, shine AND make money!
Rich German
CEO & Founder, JV Insider Circle
Hiring Blu Diamond Will Ensure You Enjoy Your Own Event & Make Lots of Money!
Linda Cain and the Blu Diamond Event Management team have been running my events for a few years. For several years prior to hiring her I attended events she planned, as a speaker and a participant. So I can honestly say that from every perspective Linda and her team are top notch! They understand the strategic component of “enrollment events” and the importance of the attendee experience as well as making guest speakers feel taken care of. And our attendees can’t say enough about their attention to detail. A bonus is Linda’s creative approach to solving problems (which always happen) and making me feel 100% supported as the host. Hiring Blu Diamond Event Management will ensure you enjoy your own event and make lots of money!

Lisa Cherney
Juicy Marketing Expert
They Took Away All the Stress and Worry So I Enjoyed My Own Conference
I loved to put on conferences to teach what I know about the feng shui business. But I hated to handle everything that wasn’t centered on my business – it wasn’t the reason I wanted to put on a conference to begin with. And that’s why I hired Blu Diamond Event Management. They took away all the stress and worry about all the overwhelming details with putting a seminar together so that all I had to focus on was the content. It was a HUGE relief off my shoulders and mind. I actually enjoyed my own conference – and more importantly – had a more successful seminar. You owe it to yourself and your clients to partner with Linda and her team, so your seminar or workshop is a true reflection of your knowledge and capabilities.

Kathryn Weber
Red Lotus Letter- Feng Shui Expert
Back of the Room is where it happens. Can't think of anyone I'd rather have helping make the magic happen than Linda Cain and the Blu Diamond Team! They are Golden!
Alexandria Agresta
CEO & Founder, Purpose Pioneers
Hiring Events by BluDiamond will ensure you enjoy your own event and make lots of money!
Lisa Cherney
CEO & Founder, The Juicy Marketer
Such a Joy to Watch Real Pros in Action!
Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how impressed I was with you and your team at the Overnight Authority event last week. I showed up as a presenter — not knowing anyone or really what was going on! — and you totally took care of me and everything I needed, from extension cords to those timecards (big enough to see from the stage) that told me to hurry and wrap up my talk! My booth was near your table for the 3 days so I got to witness how you handled every detail (efficiently), request (graciously), and inevitiable glitch (very calmly — how do you do that?!?!) I also noticed that your interface with the hotel staff was very respectful and collaborative, which I’m betting inspired them to give us great service. It’s such a joy to watch real pros in action. Please give kudos to your team. Heather Estay
Decisive Minds
So Nice to Know Logistics are Taken Care of So I Can Focus on My Audience
I love that Blu Diamond Event Management is so thorough and efficient. But what really strikes me is how good they are with my attendees — so much so that at both live events I’ve done with Blu Diamond, my attendees thought her team members were part of MY team. I can’t emphasize enough how nice it is to know that the logistics will all be taken care of so that I’m free to concentrate on connecting with my audience.
Marni Battista
Dating with Dignity
Loved Working with Blu Diamond!
Blu Diamond Event Management is who I loved using for my 4 SIMPLE events!

Bob Jenkins
IM Success Library
Keep Costs Down and Profits High
BDE makes your audience feel like family! They run your event and watch your back. Keep costs down and profits high - that's how we made over $1M at our events!
Adam Urbanski
CEO & Founder, The Marketing Mentor
Won't Do An Event Without Blu Diamond - They Treated Me Like Royalty!
I want to tell you about one of the smartest decisions I made for my last 3 day live event – hiring Blu Diamond Event Management. With their guidance I was able to hold a successful event. Even better than that, they took care of me like I was royalty. I was able to be relaxed and focused on being present with my attendees.

It takes work to make it look smooth and easy to your attendees. Blu Diamond took care of all those little things that come up throughout the weekend and did it seamlessly. There were so many things about hotels, food, registration, scheduling, etc. that I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

I learned a huge lesson – I will not do another event without Blu Diamond. We have worked together many times since then and I would highly recommend them for your next event. Michele Scism
Decisive Minds
Always Saves Me Money - And Everything Goes Smoothly!
Blu Diamond Event Management is OUTSTANDING and I highly recommend them. Linda has organized retreats and live events for me. She works on mega big events and also on intimate retreats. She always saves me money and makes sure that everything goes smoothly AND she has connections all over the country.

Nancy Marmolejo
Viva Visibility