Why Events By BluDiamond?

Why Work with Events By BluDiamond?

At Events by BluDiamond, we’re all about the “heart” and “relationship” that creates profitable, memorable events your attendees will love.

Whether live, virtual, hybrid, or retreats, we’re here to support you with strategy and designing extraordinary events!

  • We’ve produced and supported over 1,400 events.
  • 2/3rds of those 1,400 events made over 6-Figures in profit.
  • We support events of all sizes, from 10 guests to 1000’s.
  • Despite the pandemic, our clients garnered $18M in profits through “virtual events.”
  • Our clients have generated revenues in excess of $120MM and counting!

Let us be your full service event strategy, management and production company.  We help you create the event of your dreams (whether live, hybrid or virtual) and help make it successful and profitable! Looking forward to being your diamond team!! 

Meet Linda Cain

Linda Cain has been in the event business for more than 3 decades and has helped clients to overcome obstacles to grow engaged audiences and host highly successful events.

You’ve got questions? Linda has the real-world-proven, behind the scenes answers!

With more than three decades of experience in this industry, Linda has been there, done that and seen just about everything (you won’t believe some of the stories…).  From spectacular success to fantastic failures they know what works and what doesn’t and they’re willing to share that priceless knowledge with you.

Whether you need help to get focused and create a clear vision for your event, assistance in outlining your event program and where to place guests and sponsors for their stage time, or just need someone to help you figure out if you’re ready to create a stellar live event, Linda’s got your solutions.

Meet the BluDiamond Team

We are a full service event management company, offering a wide range of services for your Profitable Live Event.  We provide strategic planning, location selection, expert contract negotiation, facilitating back of room sales, host support, special event coordination, expert on-site event management and production services.

Our dedicated full time experienced team members can handle everything from a informal to formal event, a complicated retreat or full scale bootcamp, conference or meeting.  No program is too small or too large and we will honestly tell you if we can support your program.

We use a unique team management concept which proves to be very cost effective and efficient for our clients.  Our professional services are specifically tailored to meet your needs and budget.

In addition to live event management and production, we support projects in non-profit association management, fund raising events, galas, corporate meetings, trade shows, client relations, marketing and event management.

We look forward to being your Diamond Team and putting our team to work with you to turn your ordinary event into an Extraordinary Experience!