Wait! Before you host your first (or next) live event …

Let’s Disaster-Proof Your Event

Don’t make these 12 huge event mistakes!!

Live events are a powerful tool to bring your community together, build your authority status, and generate great cash flow!

But one small mistake or missing piece can turn your dream event into an unmitigated disaster…

We’ve put together a quick “Disaster Proof Event” guide to help make sure your event doesn’t:

  • Generate massive refunds, or get you in hot water with your payment processor, leading to endless months of your hard earned money being held in limbo 
  • Turn into a customer service nightmare that erodes client faith, and creates the wrong kind of “everybody’s talking about it” publicity 
  • Create a great experience for clients, but leaves you upside down and struggling to pay off thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in debt 

Plus, we’ll show you how to:

  • Take advantage of huge revenue opportunities, that even experienced event hosts overlook
  • Make sure the right people are in the room, and you’ve got you schedule flow optimized, so your offer becomes irresistible and they can’t wait to invest
  • Turn consistent, live events into an engine that powers your business, filling your programs with clients you love and your business bank account with predictable revenue


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